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  1. 為提供更佳服務,本報名系統將於10月16日(星期四)中午12點為起停止接受報名。
  2. 如欲報名IELTS雅思考試之考生,請至http://www.ieltstaiwan.org直接報名。
  3. 原已於此系統報考之考生,仍可於此網站查詢報名相關資訊。
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請選擇要報名的組別(Academic/General Training),也別忘了於報名前跟您的申請單位再次確認需要報考的組別! Select either Academic or General Training. Please note that it is your responsibility to select the module that best meets the requirement.
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請選擇您欲報考的考場所在城市。如沒選擇城市,將會出現所有台灣地區所有的考場場次! Apply for a specific test date. Select a city from the options given. If a city is not selected, the search result will display all available test sites in Taiwan.
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請選擇您欲報考的場次月份! Select an available test month.
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請選擇您欲報考之考場! Select an available test venue.
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如未選擇「開放報名」,您將看到所有已開放及尚未開放之考試場次! The search results will show all the available and future test dates if ' available for registration ' is not selected.

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